Future POP 2018

W. A. Production
  • Type: Construction Kits, Samples & Loops, Presets Serum, Presets Spire
  • Instrument: Brass & woondwinds, Drums, Bass, Strings, Leads, Plucks, Chords
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At W. A. Production, we understand creative genres that are trendy and are up and coming in the EDM industry is a must. And getting your sound to sound like the pros you here on SoundCloud, Beatport, YouTube and even the Radio is a real struggle.

And it takes a massive amount time to learn the in and outs of the sound design, arrangement and development of modern Future Pop tracks. That’s why we have developed this beauty for you, What About: Future Pop 2018 is a new addition to the amazing collection of quality content spat out by W. A. Production.

What About: Future Pop 2018 is packed with amazing recourses for producers to get their hands on and start abusing in their mixes. This beauty comes with crazy amazing Drum Samples and Loops, Melody Loops with MIDI, Serum and Spire Presets, Live Instruments, Vocal Chop Loops, Bass Loops, Construction Kits and some BONUS content, but we will go over that later.

What you can expect inside of What About: Future Pop 2018!

• 40 Bass Loops + MIDI
• 40 Live Instruments + MIDI
• 50 Melody Loops + MIDI
• 240 Drum Samples
• 100 Drum Loops
• 40 Serum Presets
• 120 Spire Presets
• 30 Vocal Chops + MIDI
• 2 Construction Kits
• 2 BONUS Serum Presets
• 2 BONUS Videos

What is the need for these Construction Kits?

Our Construction Kits are an amazing resource for producers to study and backward engineer. These Kits help producers, beginning and even professionals, learn the fundamental arrangement and mix down the different sounding Future Pop tracks. We at W. A. Production believe these Construction Kits are a must in these packs. We know they are a major and important part of these packs, and have seen proof of their amazing power to help producers learn.

What can I expect the Drum Loops and Samples to sound like?

This pack comes with amazing Drum Samples and Drum Loops. The Drum loops are organized like so; Drum Loops Clap & Snare, Drum Loops Top, Drum Loops with Kick and Drum Loops without Kick. The reason behind this design is so you can literally customize every single look to have a Kick/ Snare/ Clap or not. If your track doesn’t have a snare, then use the Drum Samples, or just use the Drum Loops with Clap & Snare and add your own Kick, it’s absolutely limitless!

The Drum Samples are going to bring a new hype to the Future Pop scene. With samples like Kicks, Percussions, Snares, Cymbals and much more, each sample was carefully crafted to; 1. Limit the amount of post processing needed to make sure the samples fit in the exact spectrum they are meant too, and 2. Bring a unique and new sound to the drum are of your Future Pop track to separate your track from the other hundreds of thousands out there in the world. With chest pounding Kicks, to slappy, brilliant snares, What About: Future Pop 2018 has some of the best Future Pop Drum Samples and Loops out there to date.

The Melody Loops, I have free reign to make them sound how I want them too?

Without a doubt! The Melody Loops we incorporated in this pack are premade to have that trendy sound the Future Pop listeners like to hear. However, we have supplied you with the MIDI file for each of the Loops, so if you hear a loop and think “WOW! I have a preset perfect for that melody!” then boom, drag and drop the MIDI file into a MIDI track, attach your preset and you now have a unique melody with your very own preset! It’s just that easy, and amazing. 

What Kind of Quality can I expect form these Spire and Serum Presets?

The absolute highest quality presets this market has to offer. Future Pop has such a distinguishing sound that crafting the preset to mimic the genres over all sound but also keeping in mind that these presets need to be different. We have added the right steps to make it follow that 2018 Future Pop sound, but we have beefed it up a little with a unique touch. Serum and Spire are both such amazing VST’s with two different sounds (the sound difference in minuscule, but there), so crafting presets in both these powerhouse plugins was a step we took to make sure you have all the resources you need to climb that ladder!

These Live Instruments, do they have a good sound in audio quality for being Live?

Absolutely, we made sure we gave you the best we could when it come to Live Instruments. All of the Live Instruments are recorded in different keys of course, to allow you full customization and the ability to find the right sounding sample. Not only that, but we also provided the MIDI for each recording. You thought we gave you full customization with the key changes? Nah, the MIDI files will for sure give you the sound you need if you can’t quite find it in the Live Instruments we supplied.

Pardon me, but BONUS content!?

Well yes, we have given you some BONUS content. We believe adding a little extra something in these packs that you guys find is always a great way to spice things up. In this instance, we have provided you with 2 extra Serum Presets, a Future Pop Bass like Marshmello and a Future Pop Chord. We have also supplied you with 2 videos that show you how to make a Future Pop Chord & Lead, and how to make a Marshmello Bass. We are super excited to share this content with you, and hope you use these videos and presets to your advantage. 

What About: Future Pop 2018 is a must for any producer seeking those perfect Future Pop samples and presets. This pack is for sure a “must have” in the Future Pop/ EDM Scene. Don’t believe us? Grab a copy, and see for your self! 

Demo Loop

Vocal Loop 2

Vocal Loop 12

Live Instrument 7

Live Instrument 33

Melody Loop 9

Melody Loop 20


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